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Link Exchange | Partner Program

Banner / Link Exchange Program


At Fawn Adult consulting at Philadelphia we will be happy to exchange banners or text links with quality escort service websites around the world.

Your DOfollow banner or text link will be displayed at the “Partnership” section, which is linked to each and every page of our website at the bottom navigation menu under “Resources”

Our software automatically places the banners of top referring websites on top of the results, no special code is required! The more visitors you will send us – the better position your banner will have and the more visitors you will get in exchange!

We also use backlink monitoring software, if you decide to change a link to our website to NOfollow – we will know about it right away and will place your banner below all DOfollow banners with NOfollow attribute.

Our home page only displays the banners of top 20 referring websites. We monitor all the traffic sent to us by our link exchange partners and will reward top referrers with automatic upgrade to our home page.

Please note that we only exchange banners/links with quality escort service industry websites which include escort directories, escort agencies and independent escorts. 

Your website must have LEGAL content!

No free hosted websites, such as

No porno sites!


Step One:

Choose if you want to exchange a link or banner and place our code on your website. or

Thank you 486x125 .gif
Link Details

Website URL

Website Text Fawn Philadelphia Escorts

Website Title Fawn Philadelphia Escorts

Banner URL Download File or simply right click and then Save the File.


Link Code

Here is the complete link code how it should look on your site:

Text Link

<a href="" title="Fawn Philadelphia Escorts" target="_blank">Philadelphia Escorts</a>

Banner Link

<a href="" title="Fawn Philadelphia Escorts" target="_blank"><img src="file:///Users/applemacbook/Desktop/" alt="Fawn Philadelphia Escorts" /></a>

Step Two:

Submit your website details.

Please note that our software checks for our link on your website on a weekly basis.

If our link is removed – you link will be removed as well.

Your submission will be reviewed within 3 days!

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