The best of best BTC process: coinbase

(We will make an exception for $5 fee)

For this tutorial we will use Coinbase as an example wallet, but you can send from ANY Bitcoin wallet! It may look slightly different, but it's all the same concept.


Go to wherever your Bitcoin wallet is and find your account.


Find the "Send" button on your wallet and click that. This will display the necessary fields, namely an "address" to send to and an "amount" to send. Your wallet will require this information.


Please copy and paste of Bitcoin QR code or address.

BITCOINS  | check the QR code. please copy and paste it below. 




How do I buy Bitcoin?


Paying with Bitcoin (BTC) is as easy as:

1) Setting up a bitcoin wallet.
2) Uploading money into it.
3) Buying BTC and send the correct address 





More detailed instructions and tutorial videos below.

*Always copy and paste when sending bitcoin to make sure you're sending to the correct address. Once they are sent it's like sending cash: they are gone.

*All processors do the conversions for you. You should only be concerned about the value in USD that you're working with. You do not need to understand bitcoin values or percentages, although I do recommend purchasing and sending your bitcoin as immediately as possible to avoid getting hit with negative fluctuations in the market.

*Limitations will be set on new bitcoin users as per bitcoin processing sites, so depending on your use of TNA and how much you want to spend a second account with a different processor may be desirable.

*Prepaid cards do not work with a lot of these credit card sites, unfortunately. If you do not have an actual CC or bank account (debit card), then you will be forced to use the cash buyer sites listed above.

*Purchasing and using bitcoin is NOT illegal in any way. Bitcoin exchanges are regulated in the same way banks are, so you will most likely be asked personal information when signing up for a bitcoin account with any valid processor that doesn't involve cash.

Cash Buyers: You'll want your own Bitcoin wallet to receive your initial purchase before sending it to the address you received.

For smart phones: OR

For Desktop: or Android App

Download Google Pay.

You’ll typically find it on your home screen or Simply Google it.

Please "Sign in"

It will open your menu panel on the left-hand side.

Send or Request Money on the menu. This will open your Enter name, email or phone #

please type

This deposit takes 1-8 business days.

Gift Card Pay:

If you don't have any credit card or bank account, then you can buy Gift Card List above

Amazon Gift card will be the most accepted.

please send me the entire card info or take a photo of your card front and backside with 3 Digit pin number

Once we checked the balance of the card, you will be confirmed

(This process may take 24hours)

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