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Frequently asked questions

What experiences do you prefer?

In general, I appreciate a conversation at the beginning of our session to get to know you a little better and to create fantastic vibes and chemistry between us in order to better enjoy our private time together. I work very hard to build incredible client relationships and I absolutely respect and care about my clients to the fullest. I value quality over quantity. So if you just want to have a ” come and go” kind of quick fix without any real connection, I can promise you I’m NOT the right provider for you, since it would be extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable to me if you are that kind of client and I would strongly advise you to seek somewhere else to get that ” factory kind of like” quick fix with no human connection at all. I don't set my clock fast and will set the right and punctual expectations. There will be no rush session for us. I’ve learned that there is no better way to invite more respect, gratitude and joy into our lives than by mindfully practicing authenticity.

How Fawn hold a conversation?

I am currently a prestigious, well-known school student in United States and had worked a fortune 500 companies in the United States. I am exactly the fantasy girl next door in your library, in your school, in your office you have seen in porn movies but not in reality.I can speak Japanese, English, Korean and interested in learning Spanish. I also worked as a translator and interpreter for a while.I am not only a beautiful published model but also an intelligent woman. I can live up with your high standard without hesitation. of course, honey. I am a very different level of sexiness and intelligent background from what you've seen from others. I am very well-traveled and have both Asian backgrounds and western experiences. I was born and raised in a big international capital city so fawn has always been fortunate enough to be exposed to better opportunities and a broad horizon to the world thus I've had more colorful and multi-faceted international life experiences even though I am very young.

How do you communicate during scheduling?

Text or Email ONLY, for both new clients and repeat clients. Please respect Fawn's privacy and don’t call fawn, booking manager or ask me to call you. I will NOT accept phone calls from clients, new or established, and of course, we will never call you either. Please NOTE: for both new and repeat clients, please don’t bombard me with countless texts/emails not related to our sessions every day. You’re more than welcomed to contact me for booking an appointment. And I wouldn’t mind if you just once in a while send me a short nice message not related to appointments, but please don’t OVER do it. As much as I care about you, I do have boundaries and my personal life and please respect me. I would hate it if anything bad or drama happens due to you crossing my boundaries. If you really need someone to chat with just to kill time or release your stress from work and life, I would strongly advise you to do so with a best friend or a therapist. Date session is provided for your convenience. Please see the donation page.

Can I request brighten Light or Lighten up?

Of course. We understand some people don't want to brighten the light. However, we also respect that a dark room can feel drab and uninviting. Fawn is very confident with her flawless skin and perfect body with natural bright light. No more Dimmed red light session anymore with fawn. (You don't want to hide this pretty doll face.) It will never happen and Fawn is willing to listen to your preference.

How do you screen clients ?

Screening is MANDATORY for all new clients, no matter which state or country you’re from. There’re 2 ways for me to screen a new client, which are two references, screening services like P411, and one employment verification. If you are totally newbie, then I need to solid two IDs In order to safety matters.you need to have two IDs verification or One ID with two references. Your data will be encrypted from our server and Fawn production is currently managed established ID Screening system so far. ​Please NOTE: I only accept references from very reputable and established independent providers, well-known agencies in our community. They must have a well-designed personal website, established twitter, switter (please attach URL), reliable advertising and a great reputation in our community and must be someone at least I’ve heard of in our community.I do NOT accept references from unknown agencies or someone I’ve never heard about in our community. So if all your references are agencies or someone I can’t accept, please be prepeared to do further verification if you want to book with me. My safety is my top priority.​ Please NOTE: Besides safety, I also screen for compatibility. I’m very selective of whom I spend my time with, so if I noticed during scheduling that we are not compatible personality wise or if I sensed that you are not someone I would enjoy my time with, most likely I will decline your requests even if you’re cleared for safety purposes. I absolutely value quality over quantity. So please respect my decision and don’t force or threaten me to meet you.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash and established online methods. For deposits, I do accept alternative payment such as venmo, google pay but clients MUST wait until the funds are completely available in my account to meet me or to secure the appointment. I do this to avoid unforgivable behaviors like charging back or changed appointment more than two times. At my discretion I may require a nominal deposit which may be made discreetly. Deposits are non refundable. Same day cancellations will result in a 100% cancellation fee without exception. I'm not able to accommodate same day appointments although whenever possible, I do try to accommodate my Inner Circle. Please note that on certain dates I may require specific minimums e.g. 6 Hour Minimum

Where do you prefer for the session?

I do have an upscale and cozy incall 4-5 star hotel positive reviewed more than 4.5 stars from well-know website for hotel booking in general.(Elevator access and security matter, I do not prefer 5star hotel for my safety)I’m also more than happy to do outcalls to 4-5 star hotels and high-end personal residences only.Fawn is not a dancer or massage parlor.

Do you provide references for clients?

Yes. Please make a request to me before you list me as a reference to show basic respect. I’m more than happy to provide references for clients I’ve met within the past 6 months as I delete all contacts/emails/texts that are 6 months or older thus won’t be able to find your info if you saw me more than 6 months ago. If we’ve only met each other once, I can provide up to 3 references for you, once limits reached, all your contact info/emails/texts will be deleted thus I won’t be able to vouch for you.If we’ve met each other more than once, I can provide up to 5 references for you, once limits reached, all your info will be deleted. Please NOTE: I only provide references to reputable and established independent providers and agencies in our community. They must have a well-designed personal website, established twitter, P411, reliable advertising with a link and a great reputation in our community and must be someone at least I’ve heard of in our community. I do NOT provide references to someone I’ve never heard about in our community.

How do you manage/protect client information?

The entire Fawntheasian site is secured by using 128 bit SSL technology. Every effort is made to ensure the security of our servers and the data we retain. However, Fawn Web development Team are unable to make any guarantees that our measures will prevent an illegal hacking, which could result in the data on our servers being compromised.

Do you allow photos or videos during the session?

Absolutely NO. As much as I enjoy our sessions and love our chemistry, I do have boundaries and please respect me.Fawn production team is currently working on E-commerce website for Fawn's fanpage. you can buy fawn's personal photo and request customized your preferenced style. Please email at fawntheasian@gmail.com for more information. ​If I noticed you secretly filming or taking photos of me without my consent, our session will be terminated immediately and you’ll be blacklisted permanently and other measures might be enforced to protect my safety. If you just talk about it, it might not affect anything but could potentially leave a bad taste in my mouth and create a creepy and disrespectful impression of yourself. Again, I do have boundaries and value privacy seriously, please don’t try to cross my boundaries.

Can you send me an unblurred picture of you before our session?

Absolutely NO. Please respect my privacy and don’t ask for it as it’ll create a bad and disrespectful image of yourself. And plus, all my photos are very light-blurred anyways. I can ensure you that you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been told by almost everyone who has met me that my natural k-pop celebrity face is my best asset and amazingly cute and pretty.

Can you spend time together “off the clock”?

Unfortunately NO. As much as I’m flattered that you enjoy the time with me, I can only spend time with you, conpensated. Again, as much as I like you and care about you, I do have boundaries and please respect them thanks.

Can I have special requests for my date with fawn?

Yes, you can ask anything. When it is safe and I am comfortable to offer, I will be happy to confirm any request for you. All your request will be processed every Wendesday of the week(important) and please submit before wendesday of week you meet ME. You can also bring your desired clothing, lingeries, accesories, shoes for fawn if you want. Fawn is willing to listen to your choice and preference.

What information do you require for outcall?

Screening / ​Your location/ How many parties / Private or Public / Type of event / building access code/ Dress code/ Flight / Ground transportation Fare / special note / Full-Deposit would be required to book the outcall session. First things first, we need to how many people will be there and is it private or public? You desired dress code and location, time should be sent within 2weeks in advance. If your location is more than 2hour far from fawn's current location, then we suggest you booking more than 5 hours (Fly me to you session). More than three hour booking needs social time. FLY ME TO YOU​ West Coast - Twelve hours Minimum + Flight East Coast and Mid-West - Five Hour Minimum + Flight Travel expenses must be paid in full at the time of booking along with a 100% deposit. You can have me all to yourself without leaving the comfort of your home city! I am passport ready, available to fly exclusively to you. I require First or Business class fare, so that I have room to stretch my long legs and can arrive on location, relaxed, well-rested and ready to explore. I also require seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

What amenities will be provided?

I have booked the best and highly reviewed place in town. The essential tool for any self-respecting cleaning process. Shampoo, Conditioner, Unscented Body soap, Lightly scented Shower Gel. French Lavender Massage Oil, Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpacks Breath Strips, Listerine Mouth wash cool mint, Clean and fluffy white towels, A good Wi-Fi Internet connection, A well-equipped charger, Smart sleeping companion such as alarm, melatonine for sleep, household medicine, purified water. Please let me know if you need anything else for your convenience and I am willing to respect your preference.

Do you want to extended travel?

EXTENDED TRAVEL Travel expenses must be paid in full at the time of booking along with a 100% deposit. The remaining fee is due at the beginning of our time together. I require First or Business class fare, so that I have room to stretch my long legs and can arrive on location, relaxed, well-rested and ready to explore. I also require seven hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

Why do you have an assistant?

I brought Lovely Kathy and Fawn production team onboard after 6months of consideration. I worried that I would lose that special connection I consider so essential to the type of experience I've always prided myself on providing. At the same time, I knew that my desire to please you and explore the world was being hindered by administrative work i.e. initial screening, reference checks and emails that could be answered without my personal touch. My adventures as global traveller have allowed me to start some new projects and focus on growth in my personal life, and in order to pursue those endeavors, I really needed to move some things off of my plate and to start delegating.

What would be your ideal date?

It’s a difficult question because I have such varied interests, but I really enjoy dining out, musicals and sporting events. And honestly, between those three, I would pick a sporting event. Once I've gotten to know someone a bit, I love to travel. Whether domestic or international, I love new experiences, beautiful places, and delicious food. I love learning something new and eager to learn everything about the world.

Can I buy you a gift?

Never required, but I always appreciated, you can find a list of things that i’m currently lusting after here. You can click the image of the gift and then it will redirect you to the page. I’m preferred to shop Computer and accessies for because I love new technology stuff, develop my projects which is why I try to provide as much guidance as possible. YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS, I'VE GOT ANSWERS

Why this?

Why this? I am currently a prestigious, well-known school student in United States and had worked a fortune 500 companies in the United States. I am nerdy and geek in my school who had published model in Asia. I can tell you more in person if you're curious, but I love what I do. I've been given some amazing opportunities and have met some lovely people that I may not have had the opportunity to meet outside of this world. I was born and raised in a big international capital city outside of United States. My connections and experiences here have provided me with the platform to start other ventures and grow as a better woman. Because of this I'm now able to study what I want to develop my skills, to see who I want, when I want and to fill my life with lots of things that I find fulfilling and that make me super happy. I always truly appreciate the opportunities that I never dream about in my whole life.

I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around. 

- Elvis Presley -