You can do magic - with your fingers

Have you ever considered leading your partner to an orgasm just by using your fingers? If so, then you definitely have great ideas that will be received with great pleasures - if you know how to do it right. Because similar to the use of your penis, there are two or three things to be aware of, for making the experience not only enjoyable but truly lustful for her. Let me tell you what you need to know, for really doing magic with your fingers.

Cleanliness rules

To start with when you are attempting to delight her with some finger magic make sure your hands and especially your fingers are neat and clean. As basic as this might seem, it is the first rule for fingerplay, and it is not only about washing your hands before getting started. Make sure your fingernails are tidy as well and not too long. The female vulva has more than 8000 nerve endings and it is therefore important not to accidentally hurt her with sharp or too long fingernails. Also, her yoni is the most sacred place of her body and the doorway to her inner temple, so make sure not to contaminate it with dirt underneath your fingernails. Your partner will for sure appreciate well-groomed and tidy hands and fingers.

It is not just about entering and exiting

If you are picturing a good finger job being you moving your finger(s) in and out of her vagina only, then you are mistaking. As so very often, it is not just about entering and exiting. Her vagina is only one part of her vulva and therefore only one of many sports to consider. Make sure to give your attention to the whole vulva, including her mount of Venus, her outer and inner lips as well as her clit. And always have in mind, that the entire area is full of nerve endings and therefore very sensitive, so do not go full-on from the beginning but rather treat her yoni with patience and endurance.

Make and keep it wet

Since your partner’s vulva is highly sensitive and every touch has the potential to provide the most pleasureful or awkward feeling, make sure that the area is always well moisturized when you are letting your fingers work. If she is already wet use some of the wetness around the entrance of her vagina to wet the entire vulva. Otherwise, you can also simply moisten your fingers by yourself by using your saliva. And dear, I know you have seen this a thousand times in porn, but in real life, some women absolutely do not like you spitting on her yoni, so make sure to ask her if she likes it before going ahead.

Do not rush

Yes, if you do your magic well, you will probably get to the point where she will demand a higher and more intense rhythm. But until you get there, let your magic be slow and thoughtful. Also, do not attempt to use more than two fingers at the beginning and level the measure of how deep you enter her vagina when you do so. As with everything, it is about building up tension by starting slow and easy and giving your partner the necessary time to heat up. I can assure you, that when she is ready, she will definitely let you know that it is time to level up your game and get it going harder.

Be multitasking

Remember that women like it when they feel your presence in more than just one place. For providing them with that feeling, you might want to consider having her sitting in front of you while doing your finger magic. Like this, she can feel your body on her back, and you can also treat her with some kisses on her neck and shoulders. Also, when entering her yoni from this position your palm will automatically be above her mount of Venus and her lips, so you can massage it while at the same time working on her G-spot. Of course, this is not saying, that you might not as well change position at some point for granting her vulva some good old tongue work.

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