Creating the perfect date

In times of social media and online dating platforms, proper dating might seem like antiquated, but believe me, it is still very important and can have a huge impact on the outcome of your further journey with the person you like. So, what does it take, to create the perfect date and make an awesome first impression? Here are some thoughts from my part.

Do you recall your first date? Can you remember how you felt? All the excitement, the nervousness, and the delight when you finally sat next to that one person you had a crush on? Well, though it might seem that these feelings are meant to be for teens only, I think they are not. On the contrary, I very much enjoy still having them and think they should be pursued during our entire life, no matter what age we are. There is nothing more sweet, delightful, and even beneficial, then a great date. Not only is that very moment great, but also the further outcome of it. Starting out an encounter with a perfect date most definitely leads to further beautiful and even passionate and hot moments for sure.

So, let’s talk about what is important for creating a perfect date. Because it is not just about candles and roses, there are far more relevant things to consider - although of course candles and roses are not bad to start with.

The perfect place

What you will want to consider, is where the date will take place. Whereas I want to point out, that there is no one perfect place. Perfect here is wherever you and especially your counterpart feels comfortable, a place you get excited about or a place that will stay in your memory forever. When choosing the perfect place, make sure to think about what your counterpart likes. Maybe she is totally into the ocean and the beach, maybe she likes heights and awesome views, maybe she loves lush gardens or has a very specific place she likes going to. In any case, try to find a place that provides a certain extra, though that must not necessarily have to be connected to the amount of money you spend on it. It might as well be a nice spot in a public park or a cozy arrangement on a rooftop.

The perfect activity

Here again, do not think inside the box, but rather move outside of it. Nobody ever said that a date must consist of a dinner. It is far more about the shared activity itself, then about eating and drinking. So, think about what interests you share with your date or about what activity you would like to show your counterpart. Maybe you like mini-golf and know the perfect course, where you can spend time together and have fun. Or maybe you know a lot of commonly unknown things about a part of the city and take her for a nice city tour. Or maybe you get tickets for the observatory and share some stargazing with her or him. Whatever you consider good for both of you, has a personal touch and shows that you thought about it, is awesome. The main point is to create the opportunity to share the experience and thus create a common memory for both.

The perfect behavior

This is a very important point as well. I often experience people trying so hard to impress their counterparts, that it becomes awkward. Awkward because they forget to be themselves. Of course, trying to please each other is considerate and a sweet thought, but always remember to stay yourself. Yes, you will want to try to show your best side, but it should always still be authentic. Because at the end of the day, a date is always the opportunity to get to know each other and find out, whether your personalities match or not. And you would not want your counterpart to take that decision based on false information due to your unnatural behavior. Remember, if it all works out, you might spend quite some time with each other and it would be utterly tiring if you would have to always act differently to how you really are only because you did so during the date. So, be your best self and the rest will follow.


I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around. 

- Elvis Presley -